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ABOUT PORTRAITURE 1 und ABOUT PORTRAITURE 2 is based on the idea of a colloquium.

Four painters and an art historian are invited to discuss the subject of portraits in painting.
The portrait in painting exemplifies the relationship between the painter, the painter and the viewer and the viewer and the painting and vice versa.

The colloquium has met several times and talked, philosophized and argued about the subject of portraiture and does not claim at any moment to be a complete presentation and analysis of the subject. It does not want to give assured and absolute answers to the general questions. Rather, the interest is directed to the mutual artistic exchange and the development of thoughts while speaking. The 'artistic' interpretation as a method is the main focus. Intuition and inspiration in comparison with historical models, philosophical and social concepts are at the center of our conversations.

The different positions could be viewed and discussed with us on Saturday, October 30, 2021. The presentation should take into account the specificity of each work. The selection is therefore not based on the lowest common denominator and a delicate balancing in favor of an optimized exhibition space, but prefers the independence of the individual positions in a rather undefined space.

For ABOUT PORTRAITURE 2 the panel was expanded with the Frankfurt painter Corinna Meyer.

When I had the idea for ABOUT PORTRAITURE, it was a matter of the heart to interrogate these thinking spaces with others. Since these are portraits, the personal becomes important, the personal attitude towards the other - the painter's own attitude and that of the painted. The self-portrait plays a special role in this.

Mit der freundlichen Unterstützung vom Kulturamt Frankfurt

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