STUDIOSPACE Lange Strasse 31 is the project space and studio workshop of artist Carolin Kropff.
The project work includes exhibitions, workshop talks and an open workshop.


JourUnfixe 2 – Rosie Lee Tompkins and the Half Square Trinagle

MACHEN 3 – ZU LILLY REICH - mit Cornelia Falkenhan und Sonja Müller

JourUNfixe 1 : Threads - Contemporary Embroidery Art - mit Britta Kadolsky.

MACHEN – Nicoleta Dānila & Carolin Kropff

MACHEN -  Susan Donath & Vroni Schwegler

About Portraiture mit

Felicity Brown, Monika Romstein, Martin Holzschuh, Britta Kadolski, Carolin Kropff

Exhibition serises 20/21 mit

Mohammed Kazem & Ekrem Yilcindag

Hassan Sharif & Carolin Kropff

Michael Klipphahn & Anna Nero

Susan Donath & Vroni Schwegler

Anja Conrad & Lucas Fastabend

Exhibiton series 17/17 mit

Mohamed Achmed Ibrahim & Martin Holzschuh

Hannes Norberg & Peter Roehr

Alex Katz & Vroni Schwegler

Cristiana de Marchi & Susanne Schwieter

Jens Lehmann & Paul Zita

Mappings mit Cristina de Marchi

Open Doors

James Clar/Dennis Loesch

Gasthaus mit Felicity Brown

supported by Kulturamt Frankfurt and Frauenreferat Frankfurt und der Hessischen Kulturstifutng


Collaboration is an important part of my practice, which includes sharing knowledge about artistic practices and skills.
TUDIOSPACE Lange Strasse 31 is the art studio of Carolin Kropff.
The studio is an organically developing project and workshop space. Besides my artistic work, I use the STUDIOSPACE Lange Strasse 31 as a place for networking and exchange with local and international artists and with interested people, for teaching and as a temporary exhibition space. The light-flooded studio with its almost 4-meter high ceiling is a community studio and is located in downtown Frankfurt, about 5 minutes walk from the MMK, the Konstabler Wache, the S-Bahn station Ostend and the banks of the Main.
In the project Studio Space Lange Strasse 31, the studio will be a place of exchange with others, a place for feedback and the development of ideas; a temporary exhibition space, an inn. In addition to the workshop and round table invitations now flowing in, in 2020 I would like to resume the project work already begun in 2014. Artist-run-space, off-space with temporary exhibitions, art projects, book launches, artist talks, collaborative work, collaborations with international artists, Dubai - Frankfurt exchange, exchanges with British, Italian and artists from the USA and on a local level. In the workshop, it is important to me to inspire and support the participants to trust their intuition and find individual ways to give shape to their own creativity. Discover your creative potential in working with pigments, binders, canvas and fabrics. Get your Hands - on Art and Fashion.I offer painting workshops where you can learn everything about acrylic painting, acrylic, oil painting, painting with oil, painting with tempera, sketching, drawing on paper, canvas, printing with the gravure press. You will learn how colours are mixed, how they are mixed and everything about the multi-layered structure of an oil painting. Painting with the model, professional painting courses. We exchange ideas and make visible what can be 'thought' with our hands when materials and tools are ready to be tried out, planned and implemented. Creativity is an expression of joie de vivre.  am convinced that we can trust our intuition. And with intuition, we can use improvisation as a method that allows us to create things spontaneously. Technology is only interesting here as a means to an end. In the textile art workshops you will learn to sew by hand, patchwork and quilting, cutting, machine sewing techniques and dyeing with plants and painting on fabric. Quilting in the group, craftivism. Discover your creative potential in working with pigments, binders, canvas and fabrics. Get your Hands - on Art and Fashion.