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 „“ Exhibition Series 2016/17

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About the exhibition series:
The invited artists react to a position set by the organizers or choose their counterpart themselves. Like in a compartment, these 'foreign' works meet in a determine  space for a limited time, enter into a dialogue, observe each other benevolently or reject each other. The juxtapositions will only be shown one evening at a time. More and more "couples" will join the discussion forum in the row, moving into the background or continuing the discussion from their absence.

An interdisciplinary aspect and the diverse origins of the artists play a central role. In the artistic positions not previously shown in duo shows, new perspectives on the respective works can be identified, different visitor interests mix and new perspectives and impressions regarding the venue emerge.The range of artistic practices includes installation, drawing, sculpture, painting, textile, photography, and film.


Jens Lehmann / Paul Zita, Text: Nicoletta Danila.

Cristiana De Marchi/ Susanne Schwieter, Text: Angelica Horn.

Vroni Schwegler/ Alex Katz, Text: Angelica Horn.

Hannes Norberg / Peter Roehr.

Martin Holzschuh / Mohammed Ahmed Ibrahim, Text: Cristiana de Marchi.

The series was kindly supported by Kulturamt der Stadt Frankfurt.

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