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My artistic work moves between the fields of fine arts, crafts (methods of production, sociology-cultural aspects) and the mediation of art; it ranges from painting, printmaking, textile art, drawing to SEA projects (Socially Engaged Art).
With my artistic work I try to understand and make visible the connections between personal experience of the world, collective experience and transmitted knowledge. In doing so, I am interested in exploring commonalities of image-making and storytelling, symbolism and the assignment of meaning combined with the inherent possibilities of communication, collaboration, and a sense of belonging to each other and to time.
With the belief that art is a language and as Alan Moore so beautifully states:
"Art is a language that speaks form heart to heart and mind to mind," the viewer became the focus of my interest. The idea of familiarity and accessibility became more important. Since 2015 I have been working with the British artist and fashion designer Felicity Brown. Thanks to our collaboration, I rediscovered my interest in working with fabrics and initiate socially engaged art projects. In 2020 I founded the Artist-Run-Space STUDIOSPACE Lange Strasse 31. Together with my collaborators and visitors, a dynamically evolving space for exploring artistic design processes and testing forms of communication in art is emerging.


Image: Felicity Brown : with Hosen at Bodhi, NM , USA 2017

Kunstkurse in Frankfurt, Malerei, Acrylmalereikurse, Ölmalereiunterricht, Malen lernen im Atelier, Ölmalerei, Quilltkurse, Freies Quillten,  Textilkunst lernen, Textilgestaltung, Textile Surface Design Kurse und Workshops im Künstleratelier Frankfurt, Studio Space Lange Strasse 31, Patchworken , Malen auf Stoff, Drucken auf Stoff, Monotypie im Atelier, Lange Strasse 31. Für Anfänger und Fortgeschrittene.

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