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Nähkurs - Handnähtraditionen aus aller Welt - Needle Point Appliqué - Hawaiian Quilting - Frankfurt am Main



EUR 48,-

6 Spots

4 Hours

All necessary materials and fabrics will be provided.


2 - 6 pm

Email me to book a spot!

Whether you have experience with needle and thread or not, this sewing workshop is for everyone.

I will show you the appliqué method that is typical of Hawaiian quilts. Design a piece of fabric suitable for a pillowcase or as a block for a larger work. In a small group, we will have plenty of time to practice what we have just learned.

Hawaii appliqué is a general term that actually includes several types of complicated applications.

Before the introduction of cotton fabrics to the Hawaiian Islands, Hawaiian women worked together to make their own type of Hawaiian fabric called 'kapa'. This was made from the bark of the 'wauke', the paper mulberry.

The tradition of Hawaiian quilting originated in 'kapa moe', a native bedcover textile. The traditional 'kapa', also known as 'tapa', was beaten, felted and then dyed in geometric patterns.

In the 1820s, missionaries from the South Pacific brought new textile material to island groups in the South Pacific, including Hawaii, the Cook Islands and Tahiti. They taught women to sew in the patchwork style. The patterns that the Hawaiian women incorporated into their unique quilts were based on the 'tapa' patterns. They folded an entire piece of the new cotton fabric, similar to what we know from scissor cuts, and cut out large-scale appliqué patterns.

The designs are inspired by beautiful flowers like the mokihana and ulei berries and abstract images of dreams and memories.

In Hawaiian Appliqué you will learn how to cut the pattern from folded paper and transfer it to fabric. Then I'll show you how to appliqué your fabric onto the backing fabric. The method requires a little dexterity and patience.

By the end of the hand-sewing-workshop, you will have a good understanding of the possibilities this centuries-old sewing tradition offers and will be prepared to apply and expand upon what you have learned for your own projects.

https- wiki File-Hawaiian_Applique_Quilt_2.jpg  Jeff Muceus from Po

The workshops are a great foundation for further participation in the Quilting Bee, where you can share and expand your experience with a small group of textile enthusiasts.

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