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Contemporary Art Exhibitions - Textile Art - Workshops - Talks in the Artist-Run-Space in the center of Frankfurt am Main

STUDIOSPACE Lange Strasse 31 is the project space and workshop of the artist  Carolin Kropff.

STUDIOSPACE Lange Strasse 31 serves as an organically developing platform for collaboration with artists and thinkers and as a workshop open for everybody interested in art and the making of art. The STUDIOSPACE LST31 sees itself as a guesthouse. Everyone is welcome.

The STUDIOSPACE is essentially inspired by the collaboration with the British artist Felicity Brown.

Art can change how we think about ourselves, how we view our lives and what we can do with our future. We call this the transformative quality of the art.

Coming next

Exhibition series 2023

Thyra Schmidt (Düsseldorf) & Christina Kral (Frankfurt)


Lyala Juma (Sharjah) & Carolin Kropff (Frankfurt)


Ebtisam AbdulAziz (Dubai/Washington D.C.) & Eva Weingärtner (Frankfurt)


Open Workshops

Quilting Bee

10am - 12pm.


Registration required

Open Workshops in Bad Vilbel

@ Familienzentrum Bad Vilbel

Love your Cloths


Registration required

The project work expresses an interest in interdisciplinary practices and positions that do not necessarily have to be exclusively shaped by Western notions of art. Here the STUDIOSPACE invites artists* and art lovers to enter into dialogue with each other in the context of short-term exhibitions and workshop events. A non-competitive approach is the baseline.

"You can't use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have."

- Maya Angelou


Open workshop & workshops & workshop talks - craft in the context of art

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