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Manx Patchwork Quilting

Manx Patchwork and Quilting

Sewing Class

EUR 48,-

6 Spots

4 Hours

All necessary materials and fabrics will be provided.

30. Dezember 2023

2 to 6 pm

Whether you have experience with a needle and thread or not, this sewing workshop is suitable for everyone. I will guide you through the basic techniques to successfully master the Irish Log Cabin Block. In a small group, we have enough time to practice the newly learned in a relaxed atmosphere.

Manx quilting or patchwork originated on the Isle of Man (Manx - man) in the middle of the Irish Sea, between Ireland, England, Scotland and Wales.

Like other patchwork blocks, Manx was created out of necessity, because everything had to be brought by boat, and you had to make the best of what you have. To sew on the Manx you do not need rulers and rotary cutters. Your own hands serve as a yardstick. Traditionally, there are only four rows in these quilt blocks. The center is usually red.

The Manx Log Cabin quilt is considered the true Manx design for quilts. While the traditional Manx Log Cabin (or Raising Roofs) pattern is known in North America as the Log Cabin pattern, many Manx believe it originated on the Isle of Man, from where it was brought across the Atlantic to America, evolving from a folded pattern (Manx Log Cabin) to an embroidered pattern (North American Log Cabin)


In this four-hour workshop, you will learn how to to use your hand and middle finger to set up the design for your Manx block and how prepare the background fabric, on which the strips are sewn by hand. You will receive expert tips on handling needles, thread, and using the thimble to your advantage.

By the end of the hand-sewing-workshop, you will have a good understanding of the possibilities this centuries-old sewing tradition offers and will be prepared to apply and expand upon what you have learned for your own projects.

Please note: As is typical with textile handwork, these things take time. It's not possible to complete your project on-site within 4 hours. The more time you invest, the more beautiful the result will be. Look forward to the continuation of the meditative sewing project at home or along with friends.

If you wish for assistance with possible questions after the workshop and cannot participate in the Quilting Bee, then book my optional additional offer:
1 x 1 - 30 min

12 EUR
After prior arrangement, we will meet for a one-on-one ZOOM meeting. I will answer your questions and provide recommendations on how you can further develop your projects.

Please note: In my sewing classes and workshops, the focus is on the respective craft methods and not on a design concept. The design aspects result from these processes. I do my best to accommodate individual personal stylistic preferences. You should not expect a complete result in the four hours. Instead, you will find guidance and inspiration, gain some hands-on experience, and develop a solid understanding of how to proceed on your own.

The workshops are a great foundation for further participation in the Quilting Bee, where you can share and expand your experience with a small group of textile enthusiasts.

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