JOUR UN FIXE is a new series sponsored by the Hessische Kulturstiftung.

We present different methods of making in art that can be tried out while participating and make references to contemporary positions, art history and strategies of artistic work. We invite guests with a special thematic focus, such as textile as a material, embroidery in art, social aspects in dressmaking, and color in painting.

JOUR UN FIXE is supported by Hessische Kulturstiftung.


Threads - contemporairy embroidery art

Sonntag, den 21. November 2021

13 - 15 Uhr.

jourUNfixe 2

Rosie Lee Tompkins und das Half Square Triangle

Sonntag, den 19. Dezember 2021

13. - 15 Uhr.

Image: Felicity Brown