The art of Ausdrucksmalen is not to paint what I want, but to want what I paint. IS NOT TO PAINT WHAT I WANT,
Bettina Egger

jourUNfixe - Ausdrucksmalen
with Ele Janik

 Sunday, June 19, 2022 - 12-14 pm.

This workshop talk is dedicated to Ausdrucksmalen and its relationship to the painting canon of the West.

Ausdrucksmalen (expression painting) is the painting of images from intuition and the inner state of mind. On large sheets of paper, which are in a specially equipped studio protected from outside influences on the walls, is painted mainly in groups and with gouache. Expressive painting is a process in which an inner image is created on the outside.
The goal of Ausdrucksmalen is to use a few simple techniques to awaken creativity and promote the development of personality. In addition, it opens the way to open one's own feelings and needs.
Here the painting process of the individual in the safety of the studio is more important than the result itself.

Ausdrucksmalen is not usually considered to be part of the fine arts.

Arno Stern developed the concept of expressive painting in the years after 1945 with his "Closlieu", the painting place, the special framework of Ausdrucksmalen. It was continued and further developed by Bettina Egger (Switzerland) and Laurence Fotheringham with different character according to their background.

For Laurence Fotheringham, C:G. Jung, with research on the inner consciousness of us humans, the dreams and archetypes, his idea of the collective unconscious and the so-called archetypes of great importance. Other influences come from Gestalt therapy and phenomenology.

The workshop talks focus on the junction of art and craft and try to better understand this connection by shedding light on the respective practices and whether a distinction makes sense at all, and if so, why.
Thus, in jouUNfixe, different artistic and craft methods are introduced and can be explored during the workshop talk. Together with the participants, we draw references to contemporary positions in art, society, art history, and strategies of artistic work.

Registration is necessary. The number of participants is limited to 4.


It is asked for a cost contribution of 7 Euros is requested.