MACHEN - a workshop talk with Nicoleta Dānila & Carolin Kropff.

A collaboration with Frankfurter Kranz.

All participants are invited to take part in the process of making art with textiles and to talk with the actress and director Nicoleta Danila and the artist Carolin Kropff about the background and possibilities of quilting.

Dr. Sonja Müller from Frankfurter Kranz will moderate the conversation.

We will meet in the studio and also via ZOOM, as space on site is limited due to Corona. We hope to see you then! Click here to go to the booking page.

Materials list for home and on-site:

- Paper, cardboard for stencil;
- Paper scissors; fabric scissors;
- Or patchwork cutter and cutting pad;
- A pair of thread scissors (optional);
- Needles that you like to sew with, they should not be too long:
- Sewing ring or thimble (optional);
- Fabrics that you like and that can also come from cherished pieces of clothing;
- basting thread and normal thread.

Those who want to cut their own patterns need paper, a pencil, ruler for construction.
For those who want to work with hexagons (classic Grandmother's Garden Flower), it is best to prepare the template from cardboard before the workshop meeting. Or you can just print out some hexagons in advance to use. For one "flower" you need 7 pieces.

The image below can be printed before the workshop meeting (also black and white) and cut out each hexagon. Just click on the image and download the PDF. Please have it ready for Sunday.


Here I show only an idea of the variety of variations that a simple hexagon allows as a design tool.