JourUnFixe 2

With Britta Kadolsky


This workshop talk is dedicated to the wonderful quilts of Rosie Lee Tompkins, quiltmaking and its role in art.All participants:are invited to take part in the process of making art with textiles and to talk with us about the background and possibilities of quilting.Rosie Lee Tompkins quilts will be presented and exemplary a way she liked to use, the so-called Half Square will be tried out together.


We will meet in the studio and also through ZOOM for those who can't attend.

The 2 G rule will apply on site.We hope to see you then!

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Materials list for home and on-site:
  One pair of paper scissors; one pair of fabric scissors;
  or patchwork cutter and cutting pad;
  A pair of thread scissors (optional);
  Needles that you like to sew with, they should not be too long:
  Sewing ring or thimble (optional);
  Fabrics that you like, which can also be from cherished pieces of clothing;
  basting thread and yarn
  A sewing machine will speed up the process, but is not necessary. (There is a machine on site).