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Familienzentrum Quellenpark

Johannes Gutenberg Straße 13a (1. Stock)

61118 Bad Vilbel

Love your clothes

Every 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month from

Next time:


6-8 pm.

5,- EUR   


From mending, patching, patchwork and sashiko.

Extend the life of your beloved textiles and learn new skills that will accompany you throughout your life!

Meet like-minded individuals and join the Zero-Waste and Slow Fashion movement!

In this open workshop, hand stitching and embroidery techniques will be introduced and experimented with. The focus is on textile repairs, mending (visible mending), and creating new fabric pieces through patchwork and Sashiko in a community setting with others.

No prior knowledge is required. Familiarity with needles and thread and a willingness to experiment are helpful.

Basic features of the open meetings:
In Love Your Clothes open workshop creative methods inspired by handcrafting techniques from around the world are introduced and experimented with, with a focus on loving your clothes. Along the way, we will also explore essential aspects of textile design, mindfulness, and sustainable material use, stitch by stitch, in a community setting, and at minimal cost.

In addition to the craftsmanship techniques, we will also discuss how to add design or figurative elements when mending and patching. We approach holes and frayed edges playfully and in a personal manner, seeing them not simply as things to be repaired, but as opportunities to bring personal stories to life creatively.

I am also happy to demonstrate how tailors use the thimble efficiently, making hand sewing a special experience.

Depending on your project it could be useful to bring:

Textiles: favorite pieces from your closet to repair or for up-cycling ,
Needles: with which we can work well, and which you already have at home. Stitching and embroidery needles, sashion needles and quilting needles are ideal;
A pair of scissors, ideal are fabric scissors and needle scissors,
Sewing thimble perform well, for sashiko (optionally it can be made on site itself),
Yarns: it can be embroidery, darning, sewing, but also coarser yarns, and what is already available at home. Sashiko yarns.
Embroidery hoops are useful;
Chalk pens, tailor's chalk, pens for fabrics for marking, e.g. Pilot Frixion Fine liner, which disappears again when ironed,
Paper and pen for pattern drafting,
Ruler, 30 cm long, transparent ideal,
Fabrics to swap,

For patchwork:
Cutting mat, quilting rulers and cutter.

If you want to come without your own project ideas and materials to get inspired, please let me know in advance so that I can prepare a selection of fabrics, etc. Material Fee: 5 EUR.

AVAILABLE (after request):

Iron, cutting mats, patchwork stencils and basic equipment to try.

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