2. July 2021 / 7-23 pm

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Michael Klipphahn belongs to a generation of artists who, as so-called "digital natives," no longer have to think about the content of image information from the Internet but rather make use of it. These artists see the data volume of the Internet as just as much a factual reality as the non-virtual world. Part of this self-image is the knowledge that for the broader masses, images of painting from the Internet are more relevant than a visit to a museum. That is why the Dresden artist is interested in, among other things, the prettified from the world of digitally generated posters, magazines and advertising campaigns, and there above all, the optics, the smoothness and the surface. The viewer in his works is confronted with a compelling aesthetic, despite the small image details, which initially subscribes to hyperrealism. But this word falls short and means only a small insight into the scope of action and the artist's performance, who branches off his resources quite unabashedly from the data stream of the WWW. In addition to the exaggerated reality that we believe we perceive, the viewer sees poses and postures that deliberately prescribe a certain viewing hierarchy. At this point, it is perhaps not the gesture shown or the image itself that is aggressive, but how the artist surreptitiously foists a voyeuristic gaze on the viewer. By no means is anything offensive meant here, more fixation on an apparent significance paired with quasi-religious elements of mass consumption. The artist is concerned with creating a form of distance that does not generate motifs but rather a dictated distance that he assumes from what is shown or depicted.

Stephan Franck, M.A. Dresden

Michael Klipphahn graduated from the Dresden University of Fine Arts and was a master student of Ralf Kerbach He lives and works in Dresden.


Anna Nero

I'm interested in the possibilities of representation. When does colour become an object or space? I approach banal and mundane things with the help of painting. I breathe life into them or occupy the world with my own invented objects whose function can only be guessed. Blobs, colour bulges and gestures mutate into objects - or even subjects - flirt with each other or repel one another. Form panel discussions, conglomerates, empires! I scratch the surface of all things, their texture, materiality, functionality, context, and even their essence or agenda. Another aspect of my work is sex and sexuality. This is a derivative of my exploration of fetishism and lustful or loving human-thing relationships. I am interested in fetish both on the sexual level and in its original role as a cult object, relic or idol.

Anna Nero graduated at HGB, Academy of Visual Arts Leipzig and was a master student of Heribert C. Ottersbach. She lives and works in Frankfurt am Main.


Images from right to left:

Michael Klipphahn: Pants, oil on paper, laminated on wood, 30X24cm, 2017
Michael Klipphahn: Navel, oil on paper, laminated on wood, 2020
Michael Klipphahn: Neck, oil on paper, laminated on wood, 30X24cm, 2017
Michael Klipphahn: Skater, oil on paper, laminated on wood, 40X30cm, 2018
Anna Nero: Bracket, oil and acrylic on canvas, 2021
Anna Nero: Miami Heat, oil and acrylic on canvas, 2021
Anna Nero: Concrete Forest, oil and acrylic on canvas, 2021
Anna Nero: Knuckles, glazed ceramic, 2019
Anna Nero: Green and Bacon, oil and acrylic on canvas, 2020


Video: © Michael Klipphahn

Images: © Robert Schittko


The exhibition is kindly supported by Kulturamt Frankfurt und Frauenreferat Frankfurt.