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monotyping workshop, studio space lange strasse 31, frankfurt

WorWorking with oils and

printing press

The workshop is an invitation to freely express your own pictorial inventions with oil paint, printing plate, paper, and the printing press.
The monotype unites painting with printing in a wonderful way.
By drawing or painting on a smooth printing plate, the image is then transferred onto a sheet of paper by using a printing press.

I like to use monotyping, or mono printing, to sketch colour studies for larger paintings. It's a creative way to easily get into colour and composition. The just printed plate, where traces of the previously printed picture are still visible, can become an inspiration for the following painting.

The technique was probably invented in the 17th century. In the strict sense, however, it cannot really be considered part of conventional printmaking, as it is conceived as original artwork and not an edition, and it is not possible to produce further identical prints with the painted printing plate.

William Blake, Degas, Pissarro, Gauguin, Paul Klee, and Chagall have worked in this technique.

Please bring your own: Sketch paper, makulatur paper or old newspaper, god printing paper, gravure inks, brushes, rags, plexiglass plates or copper/tin plates, if desired copper engraving needle or etching needle.

I gladly advise you which materials are useful in detail. Please call me or send me an email.

Material such as oil colors with gravure binding agent can be provided by me for the material costs. 

Book now :

For prices and further questions please contact me here or call me: +49 1727774367. 

Monotypie Workshop unter professioneller künstlerischer Anleitung, Kunst- Druck- Workshop in Künstleratelier Studio Space Lange Strasse 31, Frankfurt.

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