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 oilpainting workshop - alchemy of paint - studio space lange strasse 31, frankfurt


of Paint

Preparing a canvas and mixing colours is an integral part of the daily work of painters, ways that craftsmanship transforms raw materials into useful tools. In the Open Studio - The Alchemy of Paint - you create the basis for a multilayered painting of your choice.

In this open workshop, pigments and binders are introduced as the primary materials in the painting studio. We use them in a certain way to archive our artistic goals. The magic begins with the preparation of the canvas, the mixing of dyes and pigments, as an essential part of the painting.

As Spike Bucklow wonderfully describes in his book The Alchemy of Paint, pigments offer access to the deepest levels of meaning as understood by the Old Masters and by painters who feel inexplicably connected to the masterpieces of European painting history. The artist's studio is then like an alchemist's laboratory, and the materials are transformed into paintings as they are painted.

The Alchemy of Paint is suitable for anyone who wants to work with paint and learn the basics of painting. Discover the alchemy of colour in dealing with paint, pigments and binders and learn the basic principles of multi-layer painting and the role of the painting grounds.


In addition to stretching and priming canvases, you will learn more about the components of the paints and how pigments are mixed. We will talk about their different qualities, make binders and painting materials ourselves and try out their properties.

Bring your own stretcher frame, canvas, pigments and binders. Or you can get everything needed from me on request for a purchase fee.
Please bring your own brushes, clothes guard, painting cloths.

For more information please contact me here.

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