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Open Doors 2014

21. 11. - 28. 11. 2014

The project work at Lange Strasse 31 began in 2014 with a studio exhibition on the occasion of the Open Doors, the Frankfurter Ateliertage. Together with the then members Corinna Krebber, Lucas Fastabend, and Tomislav S. Vukić, I was interested in the question of the studio space as a non-public place with laboratory character on the one hand, and on the other hand a public place; a place for my own artistic work and a place for networking and exchange with others.

The starting point was an article in the online magazine Bad at Sports' Feeling great with Lane Relyea, published on July 18, 2014, which included an interview between Lane Relyea and Jacob Wick about the so-called post-post studio practice. (

The presentation of the studio exhibition consisted of our own artworks as well as a collection of compiled text excerpts, fragments and quotations, talks by Paul Stamets and Kenneth Goldsmith and documentation by Adam Curtis: All Watched Over By Machines Of Loving Grace, which seemed relevant to our considerations.

This exhibition was an important one for me and the further development of my project work, which eventually led to the collaboration with Felicity Brown and the STUDIOSPACE Lange Strasse 31.

C. Kropff 2020

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