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Updated: Oct 20, 2021

We met last night for the penultimate time. We wanted to continue our conversation about the portrait in painting, and I wanted to present my exhibition idea. I had a drawing book with me and a pencil in case - contrary to expectations - we wanted to draw each other. We had brought up the idea again and again. We did not draw. This mutual drawing could well have been an artistic way of dealing with the subject of Portraiture in painting, and the fact that we refrained from it is in itself a statement about our About Portraiture.

The angle from which one can approach the subject can be infinitely broad; one's own artistic self-image fills the "thinking space" and sets the boundaries. Can we find intersections? In many points, yes, in many points rather not, certainly not in the traditional and perhaps perceived as naive or half-baked method of "let's paint/draw each other". Here a consideration moves into the centre of attention- which we have pushed back and forth and which has led to contradictory statements- the consideration where language as word language loses its competence and painting with colour and surface as language signifies something that can only be experienced outside of concept formation. Monika said that painting cannot simply be lassoed. For me, the questions we asked are also the answers. Even if we couldn't clearly boil the answers down to one level of meaning.

I am curious to read what Britta will write.

I still like my exhibition idea, and it has met no resistance. I am curious to see what it will look like in the end.

There was a request to change the title. The exhibition's name could be as well:

About Painting

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