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Felicity painting a tree pattern

I'm in conversation with three painters and an art historian about the topic of Portraiture.

As far as I know, it originated from the need to remember the deceased. It started with death masks and then the imprint of faces when one was still young, the silhouette, the shadow line and mummy portraits. I don't know exactly what the order was. In any case, the image of our faces and bodies has been with us for a very, very long time. And somehow, the imprint of faces became the portrait of rulers with the demand to worship, which became the banning of the portrait for example in the protestant church and led to iconoclasm. That was much later.

Today I would like to write about the self-portrait, only one thought, which concerns the clothes. They serve to represent the person depicted, as do the individual facial features and the painting itself, which is supposed to show all these things.

Rembrandt liked to dress up in costume to paint himself that way. Frida Kahlo made dresses that we think of in the same way we think of her eyebrows and paintings.

I dream of a dress that I wear specifically when I paint, that represents and adorns me when I paint and make art, and I didn't know how it should look like.

Today I remembered two beautiful dresses I have in my studio. They were given to me in 2017 by Felicity Brown, a Rainbow dress and the Adam&Eve dress. And I found pictures of Felicity wearing the Rainbow Dress while painting a tree pattern. That's exactly it. I've had it on hand for a long time, and I didn't realize it.

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