MACHEN - a series of workshop talks

MACHEN - SUSAN DONAT & VRONI SCHWEGLER took place on Sunday the 11th of April at noon. It was the first part of a series of workshop talks that I organize in collaboration with the Frankfurter Kranz, a network of women in the arts. The concept for MACHEN developed over a long time. I thought about how STUDIOSPACE could be more inclusive than we usually experience the art world, which often relies on insider knowledge and exclusivity in its language, and I didn't want to be purely didactic or top-down.

The answer of how to engage the audience more directly is then quite simple. I combine the STUDIOSPACE project with the Studio Werkstatt. So I invite artists who are showing work in the STUDIOSPACE project and who are in some way involved in craft to the workshop talk - a combination of artist talk and workshop. In the workshop talk, artistic processes can be perceived in an exemplary way by the invited artists. The audience is invited to join in and actively participate in the conversation. The declared goal is to inspire, be able to experience oneself as creative, allow this creativity, and see that there are many different ways taken up individually.

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