Textile Art Workshop at GBS in Frankfurt

Tuesday was my first day at the elementary school of the Georg Büchner School in Frankfurt. This school year, I offer 2 AG's for the 1st/2nd grade and the 3rd/4th grade and called it Textile Art AG. I put a lot of work into the preparation and researched projects with small hands and what others have already tried. And of course, I tried to find out what I wanted to show the children myself and what and how I wanted to teach them.

The last point is pretty clear in my mind. I want to model my enthusiasm for creative making with my hands in the way it relates to materials and guide them to make it their own eventually. And that ultimately was what I stumbled upon on my first day then. It's always easy to come up with something, but then to implement it, we need ways and patience. And like the children, I was able to find myself in the middle of both 'stumbling blocks. I realized that my idea of teaching needs more 'options', more openness to take along the quickly impatient and quickly bored children, too and the quieter ones who tend to be overshadowed by the impatient, complaining children. And also with the flow, the sequences. The little ones were much more demanding, and the 3rd and 4th grade kids had a great willingness to get down to the business of needle and thread and the sometimes tedious threading. That was great to experience. Because without figuring out how to use the needle and thread and which stitches we can make, for what purpose and how we manage it, which also requires dexterity, the possibilities of creating something with textiles are minimal. So the children and I both start with the essential non-small things, with the big stuff. Creative solutions are always needed. And that is also what I want to show the children. From this point of view, although different from what I had in mind, the lessons did not go as I had imagined, but much better, somewhere. I'm still figuring that out. Step by step, stitch by stitch.

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