Improv Quilting

improv quilting workshop, studio space lange strasse 31

 Inventions with fabric

In this weekend course, you have the opportunity to invent block patterns and to learn more about hand and machine sewing techniques. The focus is on individual improvisation and handicraft: Slow Stitching in community.

The fascinating story of Patchwork Quilt is one of the countless stories, stories about individual life experiences and life in a community, about traditions and individual innovation. They are an expression of art, craftivism or traditionally a product of high technical skills that feel obliged to a tradition. They have been and are used to exchange ideas, to turn towards each other and to encourage in difficult life circumstances.

Quilt exists in the space between the practical need and the decorative, the individual and the common.

For us, quilting, like painting and dressmaking, is an expression of the need to be creative and the desire to do so not alone, but in and for the community, to participate and to contribute, to be of service.

Patchwork and quilting certainly occupy a special, controversial place in our fast-moving culture.


Please bring your own: Fabrics, fabric remnants, fleece, tailor scissors, needle scissors.
There is the possibility to buy hand-dyed and hand-printed fabrics from us. Price on request.


You will receive more information when you register or simply ask us:
Telephone: 0049 1727774367 -


Prepayment by bank transfer is requested. You will receive the banking details from us after your registration.

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