In 2022 STUDIOSPACE Lange Strasse 31 is showing three dialogue-based short-term exhibitions.

Two artistic positions were shown in each case. As in a compartment, these "foreign" works meet for a limited time, enter into a dialogue, observe each other benevolently or reject each other. Some guests travel with bulky, others with light baggage.

The juxtapositions will only be shown for one evening.

An interdisciplinary aspect and the diverse origins of the artists play a central role. In the artistic positions not previously shown in duo shows, new perspectives on the respective works can be identified, different visitor interests mix and new perspectives and impressions regarding the location of the exhibition open up.

The spectrum of artistic working methods ranges from installation to drawing, sculpture, painting, textiles, photography and film.

Scholars are invited to write texts about the exhibition evenings to create a complementary approach to artistic positions. A theoretical examination of art is capable of linking art and knowledge about art and provides interpretative offerings.

The project STUDIOSPACE Lange Strasse 31 is possible thanks to the kind support of the Kulturamt Frankfurt am Mai and the commitment and enthusiasm of the invited artists and writers.