„“  - Geske Slater Johannsen & Carolin Kropff


We are very happy to announce the next exhibition from the series „“  presenting works by Cristiana de Marchi (Beirut, Dubai, Vienna) and Günter Zehetner (Frankfurt) in October, November. Please join us at STUDIOSPACE Lange Strasse 31, Frankfurt am Main.

We cordially invite you to join us! Be our guest on June 14, 2022!

In the ongoing „“ series two artistic positions were shown in each case. As in a compartment, these  „foreign" works meet for a limited time, enter into a dialogue, observe each other benevolently or reject each other. As a dialog is entered, the works either resonate harmoniously or clash. The juxtapositions will only be shown for one evening.

Bringing together Cristiana de Marchi and Günter Zehetner - two artists who write, or otherwise two writers who draw with light, - the present edition of “Pairings” reflects not only on the polyedric nature of creative expression but also on the potential of establishing and sustaining correspondences which present revelatory moments to their very participants.

Writing to the self as much as writing to the other, de Marchi and Zehetner reveal a passionate attachment to their respective practices, while also exploring the potential intersection of themes and modes of manifesting their personal universes. The originating correspondence becomes pretextual as it reveals a deeper meaning to the noun: not only the words which are exchanged in a written form create a correspondence, but especially the consonance between the two, as they venture and expose the intimacy of their daily exercise.



“Fadesse sounds familiar in its Portuguese despair of consolation, in the morbidity of a loss that is allowed to be. 
Not an order, not a direction, not the cleanliness of an imposed structure, rather the slipping, the sliding away of a not-so-well-kept secret, of a past desire. […]

I know I was writing on that same day, November 25th. I always write on odd days, or pretend I do. Thoughts for odd days, journals of inconsistency, notes like dispatches, war diaries of an obstinacy – holding the post – along a forgotten frontier ”. (Cristiana de Marchi)

Cristiana de Marchi, from a Letter to Günter Zehetner, December 3rd, 2020


“Do you write Poems regularly? Every day or some in one week? I make drawings every day and they are somehow like poems, they are picturing inner states like your Poems. […] As I said, I do them every day, they are simple, raw and somehow Art Brut. They come out directly, it does not last more than 2 to 5 minutes to complete them, and they all get a title. They are somehow rude, raw, but also delicate and often sexually connoted. I would like to see them both on the wall. Both have an inner world in them, both have their own very personal syntax. The use of language and drawing follows their own singular, personal regularities, not following common rules.”. (Günter Zehetner)

Günter Zehetner, from a Letter to Cristiana de Marchi, January 21st, 2021



About the works:


Cristiana de Marchi, Thoughts for odd days, 2018-ongoing.

Excerpts from Cristiana’s Thoughts for odd days will accompany the presentation of a selection of short videos, based on fictional correspondences, thus expanding on the notion of duality and introducing a voyeuristic component to the intimacy of an exchange of impressions, memories and existential angoisse.


Günter Zehetner, Drawings, 2020-2021. Paper, ink and coloured pencil on paper, cm 21 x 29.7

Presenting a selection of Zehetner’s daily drawings, all intentionally created within an extremely brief timeframe, the artist and writer reflects on parallels between the two practices, almost introducing his drawings as visual translations of automatic writing.


Previous "pairs" were:
Jens Lehmann / Paul Zita. Text: Nicoletta Danila
Cristiana de Marchi / Susanne Schwieter. Text: Angelica Horn
Vroni Schwegler / Alex Katz. Text: Angelica Horn
Hannes Norberg / Peter Roehr. Text: Angelica Horn
Martin Holzschuh / Mohammed Ahmed Ibrahim. Text: Cristiana de Marchi
Anja Conrad & Lucas Fastabend. Text Angelica Horn
Susan Donath & Vroni Schwegler. Text Dr. Sonja Müller
Michael Klipphahn & Anna Nero. Text Angelica Horn
Hassan Sharif & Carolin Kropff. Text Cristiana de Marchi, Angelica Horn
Mohammed Kazem & Ekrem Yalcindag, Text: Cristiana de Marchi, Angelica Horn.

Coming next:
Exhibitions for 2022 are in preparation.

The exhibition is kindly supported by Kulturamt Frankfurt.