Postponed till January 2023



We are very happy to announce the next exhibition from the series  „“  presenting works by Geske Slater Johannsen & Carolin Kropff, November 15th 2022.

In the ongoing  „“ series two artistic positions were shown in each case. As in a compartment, these  „foreign" works meet for a limited time, enter into a dialogue, observe each other benevolently or reject each other. As a dialog is entered, the works either resonate harmoniously or clash. The juxtapositions will only be shown for one evening.


Previous "pairs" were:

Cristiana de Marchi & Günter Zehetner

DAG & Dirk Krecker

Mohammed Kazem & Ekrem Yalcindag, Text: Cristiana de Marchi, Angelica Horn

Hassan Sharif & Carolin Kropff. Text Cristiana de Marchi, Angelica Horn

Michael Klipphahn & Anna Nero. Text Angelica Horn

Susan Donath & Vroni Schwegler. Text Dr. Sonja Müller

Anja Conrad & Lucas Fastabend. Text Angelica Horn

Martin Holzschuh / Mohammed Ahmed Ibrahim. Text: Cristiana de Marchi

Hannes Norberg / Peter Roehr. Text: Angelica Horn

Vroni Schwegler / Alex Katz. Text: Angelica Horn

Cristiana de Marchi / Susanne Schwieter. Text: Angelica Horn

Jens Lehmann / Paul Zita. Text: Nicoletta Danila

The exhibition is kindly supported by Kulturamt Frankfurt.