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Inter-national contemporary short-term exhibitions and workshop talks

The studio project shows the exhibition series "" , organizes the workshop talks jourUNfixe and MACHEN (in cooperation with Dr. Sonja Müller from Frankfurter Kranz) and shows further exhibitions and events.

The project work expresses my interest in interdisciplinary practices and positions that need not be exclusively informed by Western notions of art.

Announcements for 2023, as far as known:

Exhibiton- series „“ 2023

Thyra Schmidt (Düsseldorf) & Christina Kral (Frankfurt) - 27.04.2023

Layla Juma (Sharjah) & Carolin Kropff (Frankfurt) - Juno 2023

Ebtisam AbdulAziz (Dubai/Washington D.C.) & Eva Weingärtner (Frankfurt) - 21. 07. 2023

Group exhibition at artist-run-space in Frankfurt am Main
Ausstellungsreihe - STUDIOSPAVE Lst31 - 2023

The studio project is/was kindly supported by the Kulturamt Frankfurt, the Frauenreferat Frankfurt and the Hessische Kulturstiftung.

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