The studio project serves as a platform for collaboration with local and international artists and theorists. The project work expresses my interest in interdisciplinary practices and positions that do not have to be shaped exclusively by Western notions of art.

Like the studio workshop, the studio project sees itself as a laboratory space for testing forms of art intermediation and developing new formats. My artistic self-conception essentially includes my project work of the STUDIOSPACE Lange Strasse 31 as an expression of my practice.
My work on the studio project was preceded by the Project Lange Strasse 31. It began in 2014 with the then studio members Corinna Krebber, Tomislav S. Vukic and Lucas Fastabend on the occasion of Open Doors and ended in 2018.
At that time, we asked questions about possible functions of a studio space, which on the one hand is a non-public place where one's own artistic work takes centre stage, and on the other hand can be a public place, a place of collaboration, networking with other artists, a space of intermediation and a Gasthaus.

Im Projekt Atelierraum Lange Straße 31 wird das Atelier ein Ort des AustauschIn the project Studio Space Lange Strasse 31, the studio will be a place of exchange with others, a place for feedback and the development of ideas; a temporary exhibition space, an inn. In addition to the workshop and round table invitations now flowing in, in 2020 I would like to resume the project work already begun in 2014. Artist-run-space, off-space with temporary exhibitions, art projects, book launches, artist talks, collaborative work, collaborations with international artists, Dubai - Frankfurt exchange, exchanges with British, Italian and artists from the USA and on a local level.s mit anderen, ein Ort des Feedbacks und der Entwicklung von Ideen; ein temporärer Ausstellungsraum, ein Gasthaus. Neben den jetzt eintreffenden Einladungen zu Workshops und Runden Tischen möchte ich im Jahr 2020 die bereits begonnene Projektarbeit im Jahr 2014 wieder aufnehmen. Artist-run-Space, Off-Space mit temporären Ausstellungen, Kunstprojekten, Buchvorstellungen, Künstlergesprächen, Gemeinschaftsarbeit, Zusammenarbeit mit internationalen Künstlern, Austausch Dubai - Frankfurt, Austausch mit Briten, Italienern und Künstlern aus den USA und auf lokaler Ebene.