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Textil-Kunst-Workshops in Frankfurt am Main

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STUDIOWERKSTATT 31 is the open workshop of artist Carolin Kropff. It is an experimental place for exploring creative processes, which are preferable to be explored in a community with others. In this way, she wants to foster community and human interactions. Creative work with textiles and paper is the focus of interest in 2023. The heart of STUDIOWERKSTATT 31 is the textile art workshop.

Art can change the way we think about ourselves, how we view our lives, and how we process our experiences. The artistic activity reflects our potential to explore how we relate to the world and how we can understand it. I am convinced that we can trust our intuition. And with intuition, we can use improvisation as a method that allows us to create things spontaneously.

STUDIOWERKSTATT 31 is inspired by my collaboration with British artist and fashion designer Felicity Brown.

The STUDIOWORKSHOP 31 was and is supported by the Frauenreferat Frankfurt, Hessischen Kulturstiftung and Kulturamt Frankfurt

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