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I am merging my websites. You will find all information here in the future:


It´s all about connecting now.

Felicity Brown

The STUDIOWERKSTATT 31 is the workshop of the artist Carolin Kropff and an experimental place that explores and researches creative processes and backgrounds and preferably tests them in community with others. STUDIOWERKSTATT 31 aims to promote encounters between people. The focus is on creative work with textile material, painting, drawing and printing and aesthetic education.

At the heart of STUDIOWERKSTATT 31 is the textile art workshop. The individual artistic process, shaped by traditional craft techniques from around the world and the quality of each material, is the focus of our attention.

Quilting Bees, sewing classes, workshop talks  and projects and textile art courses at schools are taking place regularly.

New: WORLD PATCHWORK AND QUILTS: hand-sewing classes about the Power of Quilting Workshop Series featuring Japanese Sashiko, Hawaiian Appliqué, and Irish Manx; and workshop talk series WORN: A People's History of Clothing von Sofi Thanhauser!

Outside of STUDIO WORKSHOP 31, I share my knowledge with students from two elementary schools in Frankfurt as part of my textile art workshop - after school program and participate in school project weeks.

STUDIOWERKSTATT 31 is inspired by my collaboration with the British artist and dressmaker Felicity Brown.

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