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Textil-Kunst-Workshops in Frankfurt am Main

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Textile Art, Craft, Paper, Painting - Workshop and Talks

Art is a language that speaks form heart to heart and mind to mind.

Alan Moore

STUDIOWORKSHOP 31 is an experimental place for exploring creative processes, which are preferably tested in community with others. The creative work with textile material, painting and printing are the main focus.

The emphasis of STUDIOWORKSHOP 31 is on the individual artistic process, informed by traditional craft techniques from around the world and by the quality of the material in question. It offers room for creativity, mindfulness and experimentation. Together with others we give ourselves the freedom and time to find our own creative and artistic signature. Open meetings, workshop discussions and workshops are designed to foster relationships between people.

If we understand the creative process as research, we give ourselves the space we need to make and allow our own experiences. Our own ways and results emerge, reflecting our personal gesture of making.

We can find guidance and inspiration in ancient techniques, and the stories passed down and reinterpret them for ourselves and in concerns of our time.

Art can change the way we think about ourselves, the way we see life. Artistic creation reflects a central need to explore how we relate to the world, how we understand it, and how we can communicate. I am convinced that we can trust our intuition. And with intuition, we can use improvisation as a method to create things spontaneously.
The technique here is only interesting as a means to an end.

STUDIOWWERKSTATT 31 is suitable for everyone who likes to work in small groups, is eager to experiment, wants to leave their comfort zones, is mindful of material and finds exchange important. Everyone who likes to make something with their hands is welcome. The focus is on creative processes. Previous experience is not required.

There are a number of tools available, including a DinA3 gravure press, a PFAFF Ambition and an extensive library.

What you don't find in the STUDIOWORKSHOP 31:

I do not teach "how things are made" in the strict technical sense of a particular skill (The workshops on special topics are the exception.) Craft knowledge is a subject for orientation and my source of inspiration.


I am happy to receive any suggestions and develop individual courses for institutions and schools on request.

2020/21/22 the work at the STUDIOWORKSHOP 31 was supported by the Frauenreferat Frankfurt, the Kulturamt Frankfurt and Hessischen Kulturstiftung.

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