Textil-Kunst-Workshops in Frankfurt am Main

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STUDIOWORKSHOP 31 sees itself as a laboratory and 'round table'. It is an experimental place for exploring creative processes, preferably tried out in community with others. Painting, printing and textile art are the subjects. A range of tools is available, including a DinA3 hand press, a PFAFF Ambition and an extensive library. We can meet at suggested times in the studio workshop and via ZOOM and arrange to meet individually.

The focus of the STUDIOWORKSHOP 31 is on the individual creative process.

If we understand the creative process as investigation, we allow ourselves the space we need to make our own experiences. The creative process needs and gives us time to experiment with the material. Thus, our own ways and results emerge, reflecting our personal gesture of making. We always tend to believe our inner critic, who tells us: no, that's not good enough, I can't do that, I don't have the talent. In our laboratory space, we start to determine what suits us and what doesn't, what seems meaningful to us and what we can identify with. We can find guidance and inspiration in ancient techniques, and the stories passed down and reinterpret them for ourselves and in concerns of our time. The most important thing is that we find and allow our own way of making.

The STUDIOWORKSHOP 31 is suitable for anyone who likes to work in groups, is open to experimentation, finds recycling and exchange important and wants to do something with their hands. Everyone is welcome. The focus here is on the creative process itself. No previous experience is necessary.

What you don't find in the STUDIOWORKSHOP 31:

I don't teach "how things are done" in a strict technical sense of a particular skill. Craft possibilities are, of course, also a topic where they help guide the creative process.

Art can change the way we think about ourselves, how we view our lives, and how we process our experiences. Artistic activity reflects our potential to explore how we relate to the world and how we can understand it.  I am convinced that we can trust our intuition. And with intuition, we can use improvisation as a method that allows us to create things spontaneously. The technique here is only interesting as a means to an end.

With the studio workshop, I open up a space that invites you to develop your own artistic ideas and to realize them in a respectful atmosphere. My self-perception here is that of an artist and not that of a teacher who teaches technical knowledge. I understand making together, sharing knowledge and ideas as part of my artistic practice. I am also concerned with making structures of creative processes within the framework of art individually accessible and transparent.

Experiencing art as inclusive, the idea that creativity is an expression of joie de vivre and that art is not exclusive and only accessible to a small part of our society, is essential for me.

I am happy to receive any suggestions and develop individual courses for institutions and schools on request.

The work at the STUDIOWERKSTATT is supported by the Frauenreferat Frankfurt, the Kulturamt Frankfurt and the Hessische Kulturstiftung.


NEW: WERKSTATTGESPRÄCHE - Art Talks combined with workshops.
MACHEN : a collaboration with Frankfurter Kranz.
jourUnfixe : a collaboration with Britta Kaldosky.

Machen - Werkstattgespräch - STUDIOSPACE Lange Strasse 31-


Tuesdays: TextilKunstAG at the elementary school GBS Frankfurt.
Every 2nd Wednesday: 6 - 8 pm : Love your clothes at the Quellenpark Family Center in Bad Vilbel.

Tuesdays: 11am - 1pm: Quilting Bee, @studiowerkstatt and via ZOOM.