I'm not trying to make magic of some kind that would impress an audience as to how the work is created. There are no secrets. The philosophical or psychological question here is how, as an artist, I give myself the authority to make art.

Hassan Sharif


The idea comes while speaking.
(About the gradual forming of thoughts while speaking)

The idea for the workshop talks has developed over a long time. They have arisen from the simple desire to make art and art-making accessible and a comprehensive experience. Above all, they are meant to be an invitation to participate 'at eye level'. They allow for a personal encounter.

When we make art, we leave a fingerprint of ourselves and of our relationship to the world.



Image: Felicity Brown



There is no novelty that is wholly novel. There’re always antecedent conditions.

Cornel West (in his Masterclass)

We present various artistic practices that can be tried out during participation and draw references to contemporary positions, art history and strategies of artistic creation. We invite guests who can provide insights into special thematic focuses, such as textile as a material, embroidery in art, social aspects in tailoring, and color in painting.


Gee Bend, Rosie Lee Tompkins and Improv Quilts

About Portraiture - Flowers and Drawing

Textile and Art

Alchemy of Paint




is about making something to do with textiles, about handwork, which tends to be seen as a women's domain, and about the idea of making together and working with textiles as a social practice, MACHEN is a cooperation with Dr. Sonja Müller of the Netzwerk kulturschaffender Frauen - Frankfurter Kranz, supported by the Frauenreferat Frankfurt and the Kulturamt Frankfurt.


MACHEN - Susan Donath & Vroni Schwegler, MACHEN Nicoleta Danila & Carolin Kropff were supported by the Kulturamt Frankfurt and the Frauenreferat Frankfurt.

jourUNfixe 1 and 2 and MACHEN 3 was supported by the Hessische Kulturstiftung - Brückenstipendium.