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Textile Surface Design



Felicity Brown

In this intensive MASTERCLASS workshop with Felicity Brown, we combine artistic skills, technical skills, and creative innovation.

In the Textile Surface workshop you will learn about the possibilities of contemporary textile design: preparing fabrics, such as staining, dyeing, printing, painting and pattern invention with patchwork and texture invention with quilting and embroidery.
Felicity Brown studied art and textile printing at the Glasgow School of Art and graduated with distinction. From there she went to the Royal College of Art, London and
graduated in 2002 with an MA in Textile.

Bring your own fabrics like silk, cotton, wool. After registration, we will send you instructions on how to prepare the fabrics for printing at home. Or buy prepared fabrics from us. Price on request.

The workshop will only take place if there are enough registrations in advance.


You will receive more information when you register or simply ask us:
Telephone: 0049 1727774367

Prepayment by bank transfer is requested. You will receive the banking details from us after your registration.

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