From a place of connection

Where do textile art and community meet?

"You can't use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have."

- Maya Angelou

"Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love.”
- Mother Teresa

Textiles are our second skin. They tell of our everyday life, of our self-image, of our origins and of craftsmanship. They contain memories and benefits. They are an expression of our culture.

As a TEXTILE WORKSHOP, the studio will be a collaborative studio space that aims to foster relationships between people through open meetings, workshop discussions and workshops. We meet to work together on our projects, to gain experience. We support each other and exchange ideas.

We learn about marginalized craft techniques as creative and artistic methods, understand textile as a material and explore construction processes. We find relationships between pigments, thread and surface design. In doing so, we take the freedom to let intuition run wild and allow thinking through making. We talk about creative possibilities, utility, decoration, and 'making mistakes'. We experience our doing in coordination with the material in community with others.

Textilkunst Workshops - Quilting Bee - Slow Stitching - Patchwork - Sashiko - Visible Mending - Nähen mit der Hand - Sticken - Schablonendruck in Frankfurt am Main


Textiles and the ways they are made have a permanent place in the visual arts. What fascinates me most about textiles are the many ways of making and designing them, the social and political aspect and their history. The forms of expression are manifold. They range from the transformation of animal and plant fibres into threads in the meditative process of spinning, the abstract language of weaving and knotting, the dying, printing and painting with colour and form to the narrative in appliqué and quilting, from undershirts to haute couture - fiberart to textileart.

The work with textile material went back to one of the oldest cultural techniques of mankind and was - and still is - made for each other and with each other. In its history, women are the protagonists.
It is their social aspect that, in my opinion, facilitates the entry into the development of one's own artistic processes, and because working with textiles is seen more as a craft and fabrics have a use-value. Thus they are less charged with 'meaning' than, for example, painting in art.

Making is a powerful tool - it builds communities, boosts well-being and can empower people to refashion their lives. Working with materials can help people in difficult circumstances grow in confidence and rediscover a sense of agency.

We can be creative with everything we do!

Applying traditional techniques to a contemporary context:

Fridays - 11am - 1pm, starting in November

Open Workshop - Quilting Bee

Working with cherished textiles and fabrics, we create new things with already existing textile materials for a sustainable and solidarity-based future.
As long as there is clothing, there is also patched and re-used fabric. (darning, patching, patchwork, rag rugs, etc.).
When we wear our clothes, they become naturally imbued with the stories of our lives. Memories become part of the experience with our garments. This is what distinguishes already used fabric from impersonal new mass-produced yardage.
Since fabric has been cheaply produced in unimaginably large quantities, we have lost sight of mending and re-using. But with growing awareness of the enormous negative impact on the environment and the often deplorable working conditions in textile mills, re-using is experiencing a modern renaissance.
We ask ourselves what we already have, what we want to share with others, and what we can do with it. In QUILTING BEE and RE-FASHION/VISIBLE MENDING, we create with fabric, needle, and thread as an occasion to get to know each other, to develop trust in one's own abilities and in each other, and for active participation in caring for a sustainable, solidarity-based future.

Love your clothes
From mending, patching, patchwork and sashiko.
Extend the life of your cherished textiles and learn new skills that will last you a lifetime!
Starting at the end of March 2022 at the Quellenpark Bad Vilbel Family Center. First and third Wednesdays from 6 - 8 pm.

Based on the studio project, you can participate in WORKSHOP TALKS. The workshop talks are an intersection of ar talk and workshop.

MACHEN is a collaboration with the Frankfurter Kranz.

jourUNfixe is a new series. Together with art historian Britta Kadolsky we will present and discuss textile themes in art in the workshop talks. jourUNfixe is a new series.
We present different methods of making in art that can be tested while participating and make references to contemporary positions, art history and strategies of artistic work. We invite guests with a special thematic focus, such as textile as a material, embroidery in art, social aspects in dressmaking, and color in painting.

The TEXTILE WORKSHOP is suitable for everyone who likes to work in groups, is open to experimentation, finds recycling and exchange essential, and wants to make something with their hands. Everyone is welcome. No previous experience is necessary.

Workshops about handsewing, sashiko and shibori, card weaving, braidmaking coming soon.

I also work on mobile workshop models and am happy to visit you at your facility or privately.

The idea and implementation of the textile workshop continue to develop organically. Suggestions, ideas for improvement, collaborations are always welcome. Write to me: carokropff@gmail.com, carokropff@posteo.net or via the contact form.