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Textiles and Crafts in the Context of Art

Textile Workshops in Frankfurt:
Hand Sewing Classes


Hand sewing traditions from all over the world

Workshop Talks - an intersection of artist talk/lecture and workshop


about our fantastic textile inventions, why we barely know their history and what we can do about it.

Quilting Bee for Textile Enthusiasts


From 2 pm –4 pm.

Registration is required.

Love your clothes - Visible Mending in Bad Vilbel

From mending, patching, patchwork and sashiko. Extend the life of your cherished textiles and learn new skills that will last you a lifetime!

Summer Break

From 6 – 8 pm.

From a place of connectedness

Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love.
- Mother Teresa

The heart of STUDIOWERKSTATT 31 is the textile art workshop. We engage in the individual artistic creative process inspired by traditional textile crafts from around the world. Join the workshop talks, Quilting Bee, English Paper Piecing, Hawaiian Quilting - Appliqué, Sashiko, sewing classes on hand sewing, and Visible Mending and learn more about the extraordinary design tools of textile in the context of art and society.

My workshops are dedicated to cloths that have already been worn and used. They are full of traces of life and continue to be used. The sewing traditions have their origin in the creative and sustainable use of our resources.

Working with textile material goes back to our oldest cultural techniques and textiles were - and still are - made for and with each other. In their history, women are the protagonists and the story is hardly told.


The textile art workshop is suitable for all who want to be creative with textile material and like to do something with their hands, are open to experimentation, find recycling and exchange important and have no fear of contact with the so-called 'low arts'. Everyone is welcome.

With the exception of the Quilting Bee, no previous experience is necessary. Those who want to participate in the Bee can gain the necessary experience in my workshops to successfully create their own projects.


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