At Familienzentrum Quellenpark

Johannes Gutenberg Straße 13a (1. Stock),

61118 Bad Vilbel

Love your clothes - Wednesdays at the Quellenpark Family Center


From mending, patching, patchwork and sashiko.

Extend the life of your cherished textiles and learn new skills that will last you a lifetime!

Hand stitching and embroidery techniques will be introduced and tried in this open workshop. The focus will be on textile repairs, mending (visible mending) and creating new fabric pieces through patchwork and sashiko in the community with others.

Mending garments is experiencing a modern renaissance. Add embellishments to your cherished garment and take inspiration from the Japanese boro tradition. Instead of throwing away a torn or damaged garment or fabric, we can use embroidery and patching techniques to turn old into something new and distinctive.

Hand sewing, embroidery and darning are a perfect introduction to the world of needlework and, at the same time provides an opportunity for relaxation. It exercises fine motor skills and encourages attention.

Meet like-minded people and join the Zero Waste and Slow Fashion Movement.

Sewing by hand has a meditative character and gives us pause in our fast-paced times. We give ourselves and others time.

The TextilKunstWerkstatt is scheduled on Wednesdays, from 6 - 8 pm.

Without suficient registrations the workshop will not take place.

Next dates: 27.of May , 11. of May  , 25. of May - 15. of June and  29. of June.

Pleas book a spot here.

Cost contribution: First attendance: 3,- Euro,

Then: 8,- Euro per session,

3-times: 21,- Euros.

5-times: 30,- Euros

10-times: 50,- Euros.


Hand tools like sashiko needles can be tried out at the first meeting. A small contribution to the cost of sashiko yarns etc., will be charged, depending on consumption (from 1,- Euro).

Outline of the open workshops:

Depending on your interest and need, the TextileArtWorkshop offers opportunities to enter the world of Visible Mending, or alternatively, quilting and patchwork. The emphasis is on hand sewing.

We can patch the holes of our own jeans and use traditional and selected sashi patterns to strengthen and embellish denim. We can create new pieces from old fabric scraps, like a totem bag, or even use English Paper Piecing to create a quilt as a bedspread. Japanese Boros, American quilting and patchwork, and Mexican embroidery are our inspiration.

We support each other and also learn from each other.

To do this, we bring our fabric scraps and cherished garments to make something new or to repair. Blouses and dresses, jeans or sweaters with holes and corresponding fabric remnants for patching are well suited. Also, anything that has holes and we don't particularly like, but has a fun pattern, interesting color, is handmade or just good quality fabric is welcome. We can trade them and make them available for others.

In 'Narrative Mending' we add a little 'story' to the garments as we repair the broken fabric, for example by adding figurative picture elements through embroidery. Mexican embroidery can be the source of inspiration here. Over time, the story of our garment becomes more layered. Our garment becomes a visual diary.

We take a playful and personal approach to the holes and frays, seeing them not simply as things to be fixed, but as opportunities to creatively bring the personal story to life.

English Paper Piecing and hand sewn patchwork is a wonderful way to invent your own fabric creations and a great introduction to patchwork and quilting.

We can share about the meditative aspect of slow stitching and sustainable ideas of re-fashion as we watch our hand embroider, darn and patchwork as patterns and textures slowly emerge.

In addition to craft options, we'll also discuss how to work around design or figurative elements and the role color plays.

The path is the destination.

Along the way, you will learn the basics of textile design and a creative approach to textile as a material, at minimal cost.

Materials, tools and yarns:

Textiles: favorite pieces from your closet to repair or upcycle,
Needles: with which we can work well, and which you already have at home. Stitching and embroidery needles, sashicon needles and quilting needles are ideal;
A pair of scissors, ideal are fabric scissors and needle scissors,
Sewing ring or thimble perform well, for sashiko a sashikoring (optionally it can be made on site itself),
Yarns: it can be embroidery, darning, sewing, but also coarser yarns, and what is already available at home. Sashiko yarns. On Ebay classifieds you can find cheap offers from time to time; recommendation: pay attention to lightfastness and washability.
Embroidery hoops are useful;
Chalk pens, tailor's chalk, pens for fabrics for marking, e.g. Pilot Frixion Fineliner, which disappears again when ironed,
Paper and pen, also colored, for pattern drafting,
Ruler, 30 cm long, transparent ideal, but others will work,
Fabrics to swap,
For patchwork:
Cutting mat, quilting rulers and cutter.


Iron, cutting mats, patchwork stencils and basic equipment to try, and if you ever forgot your own stuff at home.


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