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Visible Mending und Sashiko

Visible Mending and Sashiko Workshop, Frankfurt

From mending and patching - inspired by the Japanese Sashiko!
Learn how to keep your cherished garments alive longer and make a statement for more sustainability.

EUR 36,-

6 Spots

3 Hours

Saturday - 11/11/2023

2 - 5 pm

Whether you are familiar with needle and thread or not, this Visible Mending Workshop is suitable for anyone who doesn't want to simply discard their beloved clothing and is curious about hand sewing.

There is a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in.

Leonard Cohen

Creating clothing is one of the oldest cultural techniques of humanity. Many hands and many resources go into a piece of fabric. Repairing clothes and reusing fabrics were part of daily life until well into the middle of the last century. Boros are now a symbol of sustainability and have cult status. Sashiko has its roots right at this point, in patching and reinforcing fabrics.

Sashiko is a decorative hand stitching technique, a patchwork and quilting method, that originates from Japan. The long Sashiko needle glides multiple times through two layers of fabric and is pushed with a special thimble, the 'sliding disc' of which rests on the middle finger in the palm of the hand. The sewing technique is called Unshin, is remarkably sturdy, and feels comfortable in the hand. With some experience geometric patterns can be easily ´embroidered´.

In Visible Mending and Sashiko we dedicate ourselves to patching, taking inspiration from the Japanese Boro and Sashiko.

We'll bring our cherished garments or those we haven't worn in a while that are somehow still okay.  Jeans are particularly suitable. Additionally, anything with holes or that you don't particularly like but has, for example, a unique pattern and interesting colors, is handmade, or simply has good fabric quality is welcome. We can swap and provide them for others.
I'll show you the basics of the "Unshin" hand sewing technique common to Sashiko, and demonstrate how we can darn a hole in jeans without having to unravel a pant leg first.
We share sustainable ideas of re-fashion and talk about the important book "Worn" by Sofi Thanhauser, while watching our hand sewing/embroidering and darning slowly create patterns and textures. We also learn from each other.

By the end of the hand-sewing-workshop, you will have a good understanding of the possibilities this centuries-old sewing tradition offers and will be prepared to apply and expand upon what you have learned for your own projects.

Please note: As is typical with textile handwork, these things take time. It's not possible to complete your project on-site within 4 hours. The more time you invest, the more beautiful the result will be. Look forward to the continuation of the meditative sewing project at home or along with friends.

If you are looking for assistance with any questions from home after the workshop, consider booking my additional offering:
12 EUR
1 x 1 - 30 min
By prior appointment we will meet for a private ZOOM meeting. I will answer your questions and recommend how you can move your projects forward.

Please note: In my sewing classes and workshops, the focus is on the respective craft methods and not on a design concept. The design aspects result from these processes. I do my best to accommodate individual personal stylistic preferences. You should not expect a complete result in the four hours. Instead, you will find guidance and inspiration, gain some hands-on experience, and develop a solid understanding of how to proceed on your own.

The workshop provides a solid foundation for further participation in  Love Your Clothes in Bad Vilbel, where you can share and expand your experiences with a small group of textile enthusiasts

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