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From dyeing to costume making - textile circle


Work on your projects and share your experience

In the open studio - from dyeing to costume making - you work on a textile project of your choice. It can incorporate dyeing and printing, painting on fabric, hand sewing, patchwork, quilting, appiqué, and embroidery. Share your experiences and get suggestions and help from others.
The purpose of this
Open Studio is to open the space to anyone who is looking for a supportive, inspiring and empowering exchange of knowledge with others. We all need people to cheer us on, to push us forward or simply make us happy with their presence. And we all need a sense of purpose in sharing our knowledge and supporting others.
Anyone who wants to work creatively with textiles in a community is welcome.
This is an open offer. 15,00 Euro are suggested and estimated, but pay what you can manage.




Pay what you see fit

You will receive more information when you register or simply ask us:
Telephone: 0049 1727774367 -

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