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Sewing By Hand Course 2
for beginners and advanced studentsSewing without a sewing machine - hand sewing traditions from all over the world.

EUR 65,-

6 Spots

4 Hours

In preparation:

Sewing By Hand Course 2 includes a beginner's kit with a selection of Unshin-needles, a sewing ring sewn on site, and fabrics we'll need for the small pouche.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced stitcher, this sewing-workshop is suitable for everyone. I will show you how kimonos are sewn in Japan and how we use the Third Hand. In a small group, we have enough time to practice the newly learned in a relaxed atmosphere.

When we consider sewing independently from machine sewing, we find ourselves with fabrics on our lap and an activity that is very personal and intimate. Develop your own handwriting with needle and thread!

We can look back on a long textile tradition that managed sewing without machines. These experiences have shaped my use of needle and thread, and as a men's tailor, I was allowed to practice the tricks of the Western needle arts. During my research of the past years about textile handicraft methods from all over the world I became familiar with Unshin, the Japanese sewing method used for Sashiko. Kimonos are traditionally sewn by hand and taken apart again at each wash to preserve the precious fabrics. The remarkable sewing method allows for quick sewing and undoing.
Both techniques allow for a efficient and hand-friendly way of sewing, where with some repetition and experience you can develop your own signature with needle and thread. That's what this introductory hand-sewing-course is all about.

In the two-part workshop we first travel to Japan and devote ourselves to wasai, as sewing kimonos by hand is called. The method for this is called unshin and is also used for sashiko. Unlike sashiko, however, the thimble yubinuki is not placed in the palm of the hand, but on the first limb of the middle finger. We make our own thimble and sew a small bag with a drawstring you take home with you. Unshin is very efficient, fast and accurate way of stitching by hand.

After completing the hand-sewing-course, you will have the necessary knowledge with which you can deepen your personal relationship with hand sewing. You will be able to work more efficiently and creatively on your own projects.

The workshops are a great foundation for further participation in the Quilting Bee, where you can share and expand your experience with a small group of textile enthusiasts.

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