oilpainting workshop - alchemy of paint - studio space lange strasse 31, frankfurt


of Paint

The workshop discussion is dedicated to the alchemy of color and refers to Spike Bucklow's book: The Alchemy of Paint.
With Carolin Kropff (painter) and

Britta Kadlosky (art historian).

Understanding the function of color in painting and how it interacts is one of the most important skills painters want to master. Preparing a canvas and mixing colors is an integral part of daily work in the studio, work in which craftsmanship transforms raw materials into useful tools. The magic begins with preparing the canvas, mixing dyes and pigments, and applying the first layers of paint. Working with the raw materials, the pigment, the binder, and the multi-layered construction of paint layers is one such method of navigating the alchemy of color.

As Spike Bucklow wonderfully describes in his book The Alchemy of Paint, pigments offer access to the deepest levels of meaning as understood by the Old Masters and by painters who feel inexplicably connected to the masterpieces of European painting history. The artist's studio is then like an alchemist's laboratory, and the materials are transformed into paintings as they are painted.

In the workshop talk Alchemy of Color we talk about the magic of color and how we can deal with pigments, color on the material level. Carolin Kropff introduces pigments and binders as primary materials and shows a way into the first layers of a multi-layered oil painting, which she learned while studying the Old Masters like Titian and Rubens.

Registration is required. To cover expenses, we ask for a contribution of at least 5 euros, depending on personal income, gladly 10 euros (plus).