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Hand Sewing Traditions From Around The World

Sashiko... Hawaiian Appliqué ... Irish Manx...

I've put together three new offerings aimed at getting you excited about needle and thread and deepening your knowledge of the history of textiles from different parts of the world.

The Program:

Irish Manx Workshop
December 30, 2023
Hawaiian Appliqué Workshop
January 20, 2024
Sashiko Workshop
January 27, 2023

More workshops are to be added and repeated in 2024, such as Korean Bogaji and Osage Ribbonwork.

My workshops are dedicated mainly to cloth that have already been worn and used. They are full of traces of life and continue to be used. The sewing traditions have their origin in the creative and sustainable use of our resources.

The hand sewing classes of my THE POWER OF QUILTING WORKSHOPS draw their inspiration in craft traditions from around the world. Enjoy hand sewing as a personal experience! It is an intimate and creative process that is organic and has a relaxed concentration as its foundation.

This cultural practice, thousands of years old, is rarely used or taught anymore. These courses aim to change that. All courses are suitable for beginners and advanced students alike.

Workshop: Nähkurs: Sashiko, Unshin, Komebukuro und die Konstruktion von Mustern und warum wir bei Sashiko nicht vom Sticken sprechen sondern vom Quilten

Hawaiian Appliqué
. Januar 2023

Irish Manx - Näh-Workshop in  Frankfurt am Main

Irish Manx
30. Dezember 2023

Please note: In my sewing courses and workshops, the focus is on the respective craft methods and not on a design concept. The design aspects arise from these processes. I do my utmost to accommodate individual personal style preferences.

You should not expect a complete result in the four hours. Instead, you will find guidance and inspiration, gain some hands-on experience, and develop a solid understanding of how to proceed on your own.

sashiko-visible-mending -nähkurs

Visible Mending and Sashiko
11. November 2023

Visible Mending and Embroidery
24. Februar 2024


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