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about our fantastic textile inventions, why we barely know their history and what we can do about it


If you search the internet for Worn: A People's History of Clothes, the fantastic book by Sofi Thanhauser, you find the following sentences:
A NEW YORKER BEST BOOK OF THE YEAR - A comprehensive and compellingly told history of clothing and the stuff it's made of-an unparalleled in-depth look at the ways everyday garments have changed our lives, our society, and our planet.
Drawing on years of intensive research and reporting from around the world, and filled with fascinating stories, Worn shows us that our clothing doesn't just come from the countries listed on the labels or made in our factories. It also comes from the depths of our history...

For me, it is one of the best books I have ever read. Thanhauser does a remarkable job of retelling the story of our clothing and uncovering interconnections I'd never seen before. These workshop talks are about these new insights. They aim to actively contribute to the largely untold story of fantastic inventions with fabric, in which women are the protagonists since the dawn of human history and how commercialization has been instrumental in devaluing these achievements.  Their significance is hidden in plain sight.


Worn and Patching Holes
Workshop talk about Worn, A People's History of Clothing by Sofi Thanhauser and Visible Mending
Thursday, 16/11/2023
2 - 4 pm
7 Spots

Worn, The East Indian Company and the Power of Quilting
Workshop talk about Worn, A People's History of Clothing by Sofi Thanhauser, the East Indian Company and the Friendship Block.
Thursday, 23/11/2023
2 - 4 pm
7 Spots

Mit freundlicher Unterstützung des Kulturamt Frankfurt.

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